Making Deaf Community Even More Smaller!

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Making Deaf Community Even More Smaller!

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As from 1st August 2017 - We will go fishing, but don't panic! We will be back up on 3rd September 2017, filled with new and richer contents for you!

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What Is This... You May Asked?!

What Is This... You May Asked?!

First of all, may I explain a little about why I create this app. I love information products and its ease of online communication. The internet is amazing with the web full of fantastic stuff like social media, videos, articles, pictures & it's brilliant hub for business.

However, there is one niche which is the deaf community that I am very much involved in and I want it close to me.

The problem is, my feeds is cluttered with everything I follow. And I am totally buried, so not getting the right information or having to miss important information has made it very frustrating for me. I don't have the time to search through everything on my feeds! I wanted a one click access to information about the deaf community......and FAST!

Now, let see what I have created to make my life a lot more easier and YOURS too!

There is many information about the deaf community out there, but there is no REAL deaf community gossip! The gossip is everywhere and we are too polite, so we will share with you the good, the bad & the ugly!
The deafies has many fan pages where people have subscribed to receive posts. However, only 20% of the posts appears in people's feed! This is because Facebook wants to encourage people to pay to get a 100% view!
One central location for all deaf related information and classified ads for local & deaf friendly restaurants, hotels, clubs, tours, activities, rental, EXPOs, travel, etc. This is perfect if you are a tourist visiting a city!
Everyone has a dream of becoming an entrepreneur. People find it very hard to start because of the negativity from those who think they know it all. We encourage you to achieve your dreams, whatever your idea is, with our expertise!
Any clown can set up a business and call themselves a CEO! Our classified directory is continually filled with Deaf related business which has been checked and verified by our team before the publication. It's also a favourite place for surfers, developers, investors & sponsors!
There are many frauds going on with Deaf event organisers running off with the ticket money! People are losing faith, but they love to attend events. So, we have set up a verified system where you can buy events ticket without the worry of being scammed.
The 'hearing' media industry has given deaf people the elbow for so long, esp when they try to get into the media spotlight! I'm dumbfounded that this kind of ignorance still exists in this day and age. We will show you the work of our talent film/documentary makers.
This is a fact that there is no way deaf people can learn to lipread and the cost of interpreter is rising and it's not really effective in their everyday lives. It would be simpler if we can teach EVERYONE in the public sectors, both Sign Language & Deaf Awareness.
This is a new concept, something amazing for deaf freelancers. This section is a place where you can hire wedding/event planners, chef, tradesmen, designers, etc! I have seen on social media where people have looked for deaf professional!
This new state of the art job advertising system is a place where you can post a job advertising yourselves without having to wait for someone to post it on their job advertising board. There are people who want it fast, so there you go!
NEW for 2016 - now you can book an interpreter without the worry of no shows, or cancellation. Our system will notified our database of Sign Language Interpreter, no matter where they are in the world to see if they are close by & ready!
This app is YOUR community and we provide a submission service so you could send videos, articles or a picture to us for publication in the APP, it doesn't matter what time it is, we always publish it within eight hours, most often sooner!

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Deaf City Hub's Virtual Community!

  • You can meet new people in our community, with similar interests as yours!
  • You can let other people know your are local, if you fancy a meet for coffee!
  • You will meet exciting professional people to mixed with and to learn from!
  • You can take part in our competitions & win prizes from anything we published!
  • You can respond to a comment, post your views, or take part in the debates!
  • You will be updated daily about the community & you will never miss important info again!
Our virtual community's aim is to offer a safe and supportive platform where people in the deaf community can interact with their peers in a warm and friendly environment without the feelings of hostility or bullies, and we do not tolerate abuse or blocking of friends either. That is downright cold, calculated and cruel, so come here to be safe & to feel the love!

Looking forward to see you inside!

....And more are added daily, the new releases will only happen inside the APP!
  • Instant Terp Bookings
  • Deaf Magazines
  • Travel Information
  • Fanpages & Groups List
  • Deaf Debates & Rants
  • Breakfast & Newspapers
  • Hire Tradesmen
  • Deaf Quiz
  • Career As An Affiliate
  • Deaf TV Hub
  • Europe's New Year Party
  • Thanksgiving Party
  • Talent Agency
  • Celebrities & BSL
  • App Creation Studio
  • Academy Hub
  • Advice Hub
  • Biz Directory
  • Start Ups Workshops
  • Deaf Shops
  • VIP Members Club
  • Bloggers Classes
  • Sign Language Classes
  • Deaf Awareness Classes

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