Deaf Entrepreneur's Back Office

I have a crazy amount of websites and blogs out there! And I've take the reins and managed several of my clients online business too. How is that possible, you may ask? Well, without this back office being in order here, I would be totally lost, brain cluttered, confused, and frustrated. Thanks to this back office I am able to manage everything like a breeze!

It's widely know how important it is to have an agenda and a strategy that works.....this is mine, and I am going to share this office with you.
I cannot do with wasting my precious "never get back" time searching for everything when I can just come on here and click!


Google Account
You can't run a business without a Google Account.
Staff & Team Desk
Virtual office Is the best to keep track of your team.
Analystic & Stats
I have never been in the dark, I always know who my visitors are.
Business Bank
I keep my business and personal account separate.
SEO & Keywords
To run my business successfully I cannot do it without them.
Filing Cabient
This's the main desk of my business, where I work 24/7
Business Community
Stay afloat with your peers and avoid cyber loneliness.
Email Popups
My subscribers make me money every day, so I post daily

Webmaster Central

I take care of all my staff and team in one central location
Domain Registrar
I keep 100% control of my domains, & never give out the control!
Hosting Central
This is my best hosting ever, they are made for marketers.
Design Studio
I design everything for my business & my clients at ZERO cost.
Wordpress Builder
I build everything for my business & my clients at ZERO cost.
Landing Page
To post a quick promotional adverting, I always use this,
WP CSM Engine
My online business is an engine & it's imperative I use this.
Like Page Builder
My secret of getting NEW likes quickly revealed :-)
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Discontiue - New company will be added
Plugins Marketplace
I build my niche community by adding various plugins.
Logo Studio
I create all my logos here, for myself and my clients.
Quick Buzz
New service or product launches I use this to create noise & buzz.
Subscribers Hub
Autoresponders are expensive, this is the best and my favorite.

Security & Maintenance

Legal Document
Be careful of copyright infringement & violation of privacy
Watch The Hackers
I use this to trap or stop hackers in their track
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Hacker Watch
You won't know you have been hacked for at least 193 days.

Academy & Training

Wealthy Affiliate
My success is all thanks to this FAB community of affiliates.
Affiliate Marketers' Workshop
Stay on top, what works today won't work tomorrow.
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Discontinue - New company will be added.
Bloggers' Handbook
I was taught by this amazing affiliate expert, & you should too.

Free Online Training For Deaf Start Ups

Thanks to those who has purchased through my affiliate links, I am able to provide a free online training for the deaf community, so they can become successful online too!